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 The evidence that is available to you will, if you are reasonable, convince you that life,because it is spiritual in essence,cannot end when death comes to the physical body. Matter is only the husk; the spirit is the reality. Matter exists only because spirit animates it. When spirit, the life-force, withdraws, matter crumbles into dust, but the spirit which is the individual does not crumble into dust. The spirit is immortal. It cannot die.
([Silver Birch Speaks] p.12)


 The greed of your world must be replaced by love, because love is an expression of the spirit. Love has many aspects:compassion, service, friendship, cooperation. You are all parts of one another, whoever you are and wherever you may be. Colour, class, nationality, language, these constitute only physical differences.
([Silver Birch Speaks] p.14)


 These are the words from Silver Birch , the famous spirit , which convey some thoughts on the "Spiritualism".
This site focuses on the subjects of the "Spiritualism" , explaining it's meaning , object and other related issues and also providing a BBS.
This site is written in Japanese , so I hope that you can read Japanese and that you will enjoy and contribute to it.

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